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We needed a brewer to make delicious coffee with minimal time and effort, but we couldn't find anything on the market. They were all too bulky, hard to clean, and made of plastic parts, so we decided to create the one! After 2 years of development, we introduced FinalPress on Kickstarter this year and sold over 30K+ units. FinalPress is a patented, simple, zero-waste, portable, and multi-functional coffee & tea maker that's great for home, outdoors, camping, and traveling.


Trusted by over 35,000+ customers worldwide, making us the most funded coffee project in Kickstarter's history.



Over 25.000+ 5 Star Reviews

I just came back from a trip where my FinalPress provided for my coffee needs all week, and it was absolutely perfect. I was even able to brew a nice cup on the plane. Very happy with my investment!
Shawn Stendevad
I love this thing. My pod machine broke a few months and I completely switched to making my coffee with the final press. Won’t go back.
Peter Gaal
I just received mine today (Toronto, Canada) and can honestly say I'm impressed and it's well worth getting your hands on while there is stock. You can see a lot of engineering went into this.
Edward Walker

FinalPress is the most funded coffee campaign on Kickstarter, awarded with the Food Stars collection. Our first version raised $400K about three years ago. Since then, we upgraded FinalPress and recently raised $1.5M with our new Kickstarter campaign, making it the biggest coffee campaign in history. The upgraded version of FinalPress is now in stock and shipping!

Personal Cold Brew System

Each package comes with our stainless steel lid for your regular mason jar. Add room-temperature water, place FinalPress, and seal with our lid. Refrigerate overnight to brew coffee grounds in cold water. Our stainless steel micron filter ensures a smooth, balanced flavor by eliminating bitter oils and fatty acids.

Save time & money!

After being sold out for 3x times, FinalPress is now in stock. Get yours now and we'll ship it out within 24 hours!

Our Patented Spring Mechanism

Take control of your brewing process with our patented spring mechanism, enabling you to extract rich flavors by pressing the plunger multiple times. When on the move, our collapsible design ensures FinalPress fits seamlessly in your bag for easy coffee and tea brewing.

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After being sold out for 3x times, FinalPress is now in stock. Get yours now and we'll ship it out within 24 hours!


Expert Opinion

Design expert Dan Formosa, from the Epicurious YouTube channel (4.7M), has reviewed our First Version and given us 5 out of 5! Since then, we have made upgrades to our design, and now, only shipping our new upgraded version of FinalPress sets to our customers.

FinalPress Coffee and Tea Maker

Experience the full potential of coffee and tea with FinalPress—no paper filters, pods, or capsules. Just add grounds, stir, wait, and press for a delicious brew. It pays for itself in 10 days, saving you money on costly coffee shop visits!


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